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PRESS RELEASE: APS Training Academy Announces Kelsey Cozens as New Executive Director

Aurora, IL – December 12, 2022 – APS Training Academy (APSTA) introduced a new Executive Director, Kelsey Cozens, at the 2nd Annual Masquerade Gala on Friday night. Harish Ananthapadmanabhan, APS Training Academy Founder and board President, is pleased to announce the appointment, “Kelsey has been a valued team member at APS Training Academy for the past two years and is the right person to grow with the organization.” He continues, “Kelsey is well connected with the Aurora community and she has my complete confidence to move APS Training Academy forward.” Cozens, previously the Program Director at APS Training Academy is eager to start her new leadership position, “I am inspired every day by the mission of APS Training Academy, ‘To empower vulnerable communities in Aurora by providing free and low-cost education and vocational opportunities in STEM,’ and look forward to leading us through this exciting high growth period.”

APS Training Academy 2022 Highlights

2022 highlights of APSTA and the Aurora STEAM Academy saw the Aurora STEAM Academy top 2,000 K-8 learners, the establishment of four new Robotics teams (2 elementary and 2 middle school), 14 summer camps, and a total of 2,240 learners participating in programs throughout the 2022 calendar year. To date, 3,080 learners total have been served since APS Training Academy opened the fall of 2021. Below are more data regarding participants:

- 93.1% of learners’ families are below the AMI (Area Median Income)

- 47% of learners are female, 52% are male, and 1% are other

- Reported Ethnicity/Race of learners includes: 49% Hispanic, 14% Black/African American, 14% Multi-racial,

12% Asian, 10% White, and 1% Native

APS Training Academy Plans for Growth

As APS Training Academy scales to serve more learners in 2023, it is also plans to add additional staff and secure a larger space to support the rapid program growth. Key to this expansion is adding 16+ adult learning opportunities in digital literacy and industrial robotics. Kelsey Cozens, Executive Director, comments on the plans, “In just two years, APS Training Academy has outgrown its current 4th Floor space at 105 E. Galena Blvd., and has secured the larger 2nd floor of the same building to accommodate our growing number of programs and learners.” 2023 plans to develop the space and program expansion are currently underway. A new adult industrial robotics program using FANUC robots is in the planning stages, thanks to a Kane County Riverboat Grant.

APS Training Academy is Hiring!

The rapid growth and 2023 vision to serve adult (16+) learners mean that APS Training Academy is hiring for two staff positions that will start in the New Year. The first is for a full-time Adult Lead Instructor (16+) and the second is for a Site Coordinator. Interested applicants should read through the job descriptions on the APS Training Academy website at, then send a resume with cover letter or video resume to Kelsey

Cozens at on or before 12-31-2022.

Partnership Agreement with SciTech is Announced!

Another exciting announcement made at the masquerade Gala is a new partnership agreement with SciTech, enabling more hands-on science and mobile programs as part of the APS Training Academy offerings in 2023. Also, part of this agreement is the sharing of space on the 2nd floor of 105 E. Galena Blvd. in downtown Aurora. SciTech board president, Nick Scanlan, comments on the agreement, “SciTech is eager to begin working alongside

APS Training Academy to bring a strong “S” to their “T” and “E” in STEM with our portable hands-on outreach.” SciTech Executive Director, Faith Slowinski adds, “I am looking forward to partnering and collaborating with APS Training Academy so together we can offer robust hands-on STEM offerings together to benefit deserving Aurora families through free and affordable STEM programs.”

For more information about APS Training Academy classes, job and volunteer opportunities, partnerships, and sponsorships, contact Kelsey Cozens at or (331)201-2687 or visit their website at

APS Training Academy’s Mission

To empower vulnerable communities in Aurora by providing free and low-cost education and vocational opportunities in STEM.

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