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Planting the Seeds of Education, Cultivating the Growth of Careers

Image by Joshua Lanzarini

from seed,

an eager  student,

Image by Francesco Gallarotti


to STEM, where we witness 

the miracles of growth,

Image by Olia Gozha


to petal, a fully

bloomed mind.


In the past three years, the city of Aurora has positioned itself to become a regional technology leader. Through the efforts of its Mayor, Richard Irvin, the groundwork has been laid for Aurora to become the first Smart City in the nation. Rapidly improving technology sparks new and exciting career opportunities, but will the workforce be capable of meeting their demands? 

As STEM/IT training becomes more critical in economic development, opportunities are becoming more expensive, shutting out individuals who could greatly benefit. Pulling a wage earner from their family for four or more years, while adding in the burden of tuition, makes the idea all but impossible. As a result, the door closes on many who have the talent and drive to succeed. 

Located in downtown Aurora, Illinois, APS Training Institute is dedicated to serving the vulnerable members in our community. The neighborhoods that surround our training center contain primarily lower-middle-class families, the working poor, and older people living on modest fixed incomes. Our organization sees first hand the need to break down barriers for low-income and other marginalized groups. We will  accomplish this by providing free and low-cost educational and vocational opportunities, aimed at desirable technical certifications in STEM. 

Our goal is to break the cycle of poverty in a low-income family through improved wages. Many marginalized learners struggle because they cannot balance current employment, education, and family responsibilities. APS Training Institute offers recent working grads, single mothers, older workers, veterans, and shift workers the flexibility they need to succeed,  with learning opportunities on evenings, weekends, and even via webinar. We are opening doors to higher-paying jobs by offering retraining for talented individuals, without regard for ability to pay, increasing access to those who need it most.


The Petal Project lays the foundation for an individual’s successful career. From seed, an eager student, to STEM, where we witness the miracle of growth, to Petal, a beautifully bloomed mind. APS Training Institute is creating new opportunities which promote economic equality. Our community will not simply survive, they will THRIVE through the cultivation of a diverse STEM-based workforce. 

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